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What are MBA's ?

Masters of Business Administration, popularly known as MBA, is one of the most sought after graduate programs in the world. An MBA degree from a reputed graduate school holds immense promise in unraveling a successful business management career for you.
In short, MBA is a post graduate degree; earned by completing traditional academic coursework based on real business challenges typically in a span of two years.
Most of the business schools offer MBA programs with courses enveloping a variety of subjects pertaining to disciplines of Business, Human Resource, Information Technology, Marketing, Management, Finance and Law.
Ideally, an MBA program prepares candidates with the:
Ability to lead vital positions in the global economy.
Development of acute analytical, communicational and inter-personal skills.
Capability of innovative decision making.
Derivation of affirmative conclusions for complicated business problems through diverse logical and critical skills.
Application of theoretical and pragmatic knowledge to a variety of real world business situations.
Because of the immense advantages of an MBA program, MBA graduates are the first preference for all high profile positions in organizations. An MBA degree holder is considered as a potential asset for the company because of knowledge that is equally academic and practical. An MBA degree is an instant stamp of approval for general competency in all the major divisions of the corporate world.